Monday, January 14, 2013

"Stash", "Fluff", "Hemp", "Organic", no I'm not a drug dealer...

This week I am 37 weeks, and technically, if Baby Girl decides to make her entrance at any point from now going forward, there will be no stopping it!

I spent the last month frantically grabbing up as much Fluff Stash (which translates to "diapers" in Cloth Diapering lingo) as I could only to decide to use up all the disposables we got from folks at the baby shower first. Crisis averted!

About 7 months ago I made the decision to cloth diaper this little girl.  I immediately began Googling and realized I was WOEFULLY out of date on my cloth diapering lingo and knowledge.

First things first, there are so many terms now when it comes to cloth diapering, I had to get my head around those first.  Many an hour was spent on google.  Here is a short list of terms that may help you if you're at the beginning of your search. Where a longer definition is necessary, I've included a link:

Cloth Diapering Terms*

  • CD - Cloth Diapering
  • Sposies - Disposable diapers (think Pampers, Huggies, etc)
  • Insert - the part that goes IN the diaper to absorb waste
  • Cover - the outer part of the diaper. Used to be the plastic underpants.  Now it can be anything from colorful cloth to soft "minky" material.
  • Minky - soft fluffy material used for diapers, can be used for both inserts and cover.
  • Woolies - Wool outers that absorb liquid.
  • Wool Longies - Long wool pants used as covers for cloth diapers.
  • Snappies - 3 prong hooks that help hold certain kinds of cloth diapers on babies.
  • Flats - the original cloth diaper. One layer of material, usually cotton.  But they can come in different materials now. Absolutely the most economical version. Needs covers.
  • Prefolds - the next generation of cloth diapers after Flats.
  • Fitteds - Diapers that sound exactly like what they are, "fitted" to your baby.  They usually come with a variety of snaps or Velcro (aka "hook and loop") to make them smaller or larger.
  • Hemp, Cotton, Terrycloth, Microfiber - all kinds of inserts with different absorbency  The Hemp and Cotton can come as organic.  
  • AIO - All In One. A kind of diaper that is all inclusive with an absorbent pad, a cover, all in one piece. When your baby wets or dirties the diaper, you take it off (rinse if necessary) and replace with a whole new diaper.  Similar to disposables.
  • AI2 - All in Two. AI2's are usually the same as AIO's but allow for removal of the insert (the part that absorbs, and if nothing has spilled onto the shell or outer, that part can be used again. They have a hybrid option as well.  Technically, all other diapers are AI2's, whether they be pocket, snap, prefolds and flats with cover, or hybrid.
  • Pocket Diapers - These are waterproof cloth outers with a "Pocket" on the inside to hold the insert.  When dirtied, the entire diaper needs to be washed. 
  • Hybrid Diaper - this a diaper with a disposable insert.  Some of them are: Flip, Grovia, Best Bottom and GDiaper.  

Feel like an expert yet? Or do you feel as if you're in over your head? Don't worry. I almost gave up on CD'ing when I began researching. There's just too much information!  Then I found a site called Kelly's Closet and let me tell you, their tutorials, articles and information saved me.  I would urge you to go there.

Please let me know if I missed anything!  Happy Diapering!!!

*This list is NOT all inclusive and any brand I have named I did due to searching, no one has asked me to, this is not a paid advertisement.  The websites I have linked to are large sites frequented by CD'ing parents and they also did not ask me to do this.  Their use here is simply due to how they appeared in my google searches.

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