Thursday, January 3, 2013

RC Cars & Males.

There's no doubt that males, old or young, are notoriously competitive as a general rule.  I'm sure there are men (and boys) out there who would say they don't care, but I'm talking in a general sense.

I've never seen this more predominately displayed in an over blown manner than at a Remote Control Car Track.    I've seen more attempted swagger over buggies and track trucks, fancy $600 transmitters, and "the right tires for the right track" than I have at the ACTUAL track J-Man and I go to when he races REAL cars.

Let's be clear - I'm not putting down RC Cars, not at all. There is absolutely a skill level required to do this, talent and patience, experience, knowledge and just plain good hand/eye coordination.  However, putting a car on a track and running it on tires that MIGHT add up to $100 for four -MAAAAYYYYBE - is NOTHING compared to actual drag racing tires or motorcycle racing tires.  The cost of A SINGLE item on a full sized race car & motorcycle is usually the ENTIRE cost of an RC Car.

That and the Swagger. Oh...the Swagger these boys - errrrr...meant, Men - have or attempt to have. Not all of them, in fact only a small few. But boy, when they are there, they are there.  I've been to the local RC track exactly 3 times.  I've seen grown men melt down, I mean complete with cursing, stomping, slamming, banging, glaring and chest puffing - over a toy.

I get it.  It's an expensive toy. And it's important to them.  Yes, yes I know. But wow.  I've NEVER seen grown men behave more entitled IN MY LIFE.  And I know some folks who probably could walk around like that and not get a second look.

J-Man is fairly well known at a couple Human Sized vehicle tracks. He is often approached for advice and help and is normally always willing to help and answer questions. THe money involved in Real Car Racing is exceptionally huge. Folks have lost homes, mortgaged themselves, and not eaten just to run these cars. J-Man always helps.

Then you have the RC Car dudes.  Man - you'd think some of them were guarding state secrets!!!

Anyway -  The Boy and J-Man are busy bonding over dog bones, multi-battery Chargers, tire gluing, and the right kind of power to the car.  I couldn't be happier watching my little man grow up, and I adore J-Man even more for being the dad The Boy needs and more.

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