Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chef Boy!

I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoys cooking. If I could have learned to do it professionally I probably would have, but - as it stands, I just cook for friends and family.  That being said, I'm also one of those WOMEN who finds it incredibly impressive when a man who isn't a chef, makes me something to eat that doesn't involve boiling water and a jar of spaghetti sauce (not that there's anything wrong with your spaghetti J-Man...).

Because of this, and because my Little Man - the Boy - has shown some talent and enjoyment in the kitchen, I thought now would be a good time to teach him a basic recipe, quiche!

He put the pie crusts in, and was cutting off the excess!  He really enjoyed playing with the leftover dough....

After he did that, I gave him all the ingredients .In this case, it was spinach  ham, onions and garlic for one quiche, and spinach, ham, onions, mushrooms and garlic for the other quiche.

Then we poured in our egg (one has no cream - due to my inability to have dairy).

 After that we cooked and ate them! I do believe he was really impressed with himself and quite proud of himself too!!

Look out Gordon Ramsey, Chef Boy is beating down your door!!!

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