Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Stuff. Stuff is good. I like Stuff.

There are quite a few things I’m planning on getting into when my SAHM status is actually SAHM.  Technically that doesn’t happen until 1/15 – but until then I’ll still blog/vlog and update FB.


Our beautiful Sorelle Crib was a given to us and has sat in our bedroom for about 3 weeks.  It was time to put it together.   The instructions that came with it told me to put the mattress frame together.  Then one more direction, then it says, in direction 3 – to do something BEFORE Instruction 1.  WHAT????  The instruction booklet left A LOT to be desired, but I muddled through.

After some trial and error (thank GOD I like puzzles) I managed to get it assembled and set up with the help of my Teen Diva – she was absolutely a help.  No way I could have done it without her.  She’s a good big sister. 

After the Diva and I got it assembled, the Boy and the Diva brought up the mattress, we made up the bed, put together the mobile and VOILA!  Instant cute!

Thank you to my family and friends who supplied the gorgeous bedding!!  I can’t wait to see Baby Girl in it!

My Cloth Diapering Dilemma

Here’s the sitch. I don’t have a big enough “Fluff Stash” – meaning, I don’t have enough diapers.  I’ve been in contact with a woman who makes them and she’s going to make me some Newborn sized diapers – I’ll try those out. Her company is called KyroBugz – and she has some SERIOUSLY cute diapers.  I can’t wait to put them on Baby Girl!  If anyone out there has a company, and they would like to have their diaper tried out – then please let me know. I’ll be happy to tell you what a newb thinks! I’ll be doing videos and commenting on them!

Also, I'm in the MD/DC area and have been looking for a place to get diapers that were maybe gently used.  I found a place called Greenberries in Columbia, MD.  This place is THE BOMB.  I will be shopping here regularly. While this is technically a "second hand" store, there is absolutely NOTHING second hand about this place. It is truly and upscale boutique where any parent can go to buy items, feel good about supporting local business, other parents, and leave without mortgaging your home to buy diapers, toys, high chairs, clothes, accessories - you name it!  Please tell them I sent ya!  

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