Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weight Loss Stuff

So today I decided to just begin jotting down a few words a day on my struggle to lose weight or at least get healthy.  It's close to the new year celebration, so I'm not quite out of the holiday eat-your-weight-in-terrible-choices season, but I know I will be soon and I'll be joined at the gym by hundreds of folks that will disappear around mid-january/Feb.  I'll work out at home until then.

So. TODAY.  Today I ate craptastically. I did have a salad.  But it was a cobb salad adn It had eggs, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, avocado, nuts, etc.  I also had two waffles. Oh, and too much at dinner (dinner at my sisters).  Sigh.

But I did get in 20 minutes of a good vigorous walk/jog on the treadmill only allowing one break when I thought I was getting dizzy.

So that's my day.  Not awesome but not the worst day. No candy or - woops. Yep. I did have pie.

Well at least there was 20 minutes in there.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Still 173.  :/

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