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No Sexual Feet!




All words for Feet. Imagine all that creamy soft supple skin, kept moisturized. Imagine how soft they would feel in your hands. Imagine how they would feel brushed up against your cheek as you rested there. How can you adorn the feet you love? Would you go to boutiques and buy the sexiest dainty sandals?  And how they would look all tanned up at the beach?  You could play with each little toe at the end of a long day in the bath, massaging and licking each one to your partners delight.  Throw on some soft music, light some candles and spend time caressing the feet.  You buy wonderful soft socks to keep them covered (only for you ya know!), provide good shoes for arch support, and (like above) buy adorable or sexy sandals! In your mind, your special foot "owner" shouldn't ever actually USE their feet to walk, because that would make them dry out, less soft, and not as supple as you would like and the "sexiness" might wane.  

How can anyone say no to feet? They are incredibly sexy, and you know you can't keep your eyes off of them!

No? Feet aren't sexy?  Well I'm sure SOME folks think feet are sexy but lets assume for a moment YOU don't.  How ridiculous would it be for someone to expect someone else to not use their FEET to walk around, simply because feet are considered sexual organs?

That's exactly how ridiculous it sounds to us breastfeeding moms when somoene who has sexualized all that is breast and we are asked to cover up or go elsewhere.  BREASTS ARE MEANT TO FEED INFANTS.  They were NOT incuded on our bodies to be "sexual".  If so, we'd just have nipples like men, no need for mammary glands.

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Honestly, our culture could have sexualized any part of the body, making it shameful to expose that part in public. Breastfeeding is 100% normal and natural and mothers who breastfeed should never be asked to go elsewhere or cover up.  WHY is this still happening?  If you, or anyone else, feels uncomfortable when a woman is breastfeeding then here's an idea, don't look. Don't follow her with your eyes. Don't wonder if she's one of "those" women who will breastfeed until the child is 5.  It's none of YOUR business. Don't stare, that's rude dude.

Personally, I think seeing a mother feeding her child is a remarkable expression of love and selflessness. If you have never breastfed, newsflash: it's not easy. It's not impossible or difficult necessarily, but it can impose restrictions and you have to think about what you eat, drink, and expose yourself to.  You are solely responsible for the ENTIRE food of another human being. You are their lifeblood, so, to be responsible, you eat healthy, drink lots of water, and limit other things such as wine, beer, and that cigarette you REALLY want. Not too much coffee, not too much of anything really (except water. You need lots of that).

So for people who say that breastfeeding is unnatural or should be covered up ask yourself these questions:

1)  If you just don't want to see the woman's nipple, then why is ok for the Abercrombie male models to show THEIR nipples? The only difference is the fat part, so the argument that nipple showage is porn or something sexual doesn't work.

2) Do you stop eating when someone with anorexia or bulemia enters the room? No. Of course not.  So why should *I* (or any breastfeeding mother) have to stop feeding our children because YOU have sexualized a mammary gland and now have issues with doing what's natural?

3) Do you want to eat a steak under a towel? Try it one day. Put two people (you have to be one of them) under a blanket. Then YOU eat a steak.

So here's the deal. We're feeding our children with the tools nature gave us. It's natural, a gesture of love, and completely legal anywhere that mother has a right to be.

And just one more thing:

Just be glad society hasn't yet made feet the sexual equivalent of breasts.

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